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Fire Fighting Academy

Being a fire fighter is one of the most difficult and potentially rewarding careers to pursue. The Broward Technical Colleges understand the strain and stress of such a demanding job and accurately prepares you for all the trials and tribulations along the way but if...

Architecture and Construction Programs

If they say that education is the building block to success, then education in Broward Technical Colleges architecture and construction program is where you literally build your career. If you’re ready to take on the challenge of knowing the ins and outs of HVAC,...


Here at Broward Technical Colleges, we believe that an education shouldn’t be reserved for the wealthy, knowledge is the key to a better career and a better life. That’s why we make sure to strive for the lowest prices for the best education. Money should never hinder...


Spring is upon all of us and that means time for change and new opportunities. With registration on March 13th for courses beginning March 27th, now is the time to start fresh, begin anew and start your new career path and life at any of the Broward Technical...

College Credit

At the Broward Technical Colleges, we know how important your education is to you. Whether you’re looking for a certificate in a specific trade for a better career and a better future, or you’re looking toward a long- term goal like a college degree, we want to help...