Being a fire fighter is one of the most difficult and potentially rewarding careers to pursue. The Broward Technical Colleges understand the strain and stress of such a demanding job and accurately prepares you for all the trials and tribulations along the way but if you’re ready to help save lives and protect your community, you’re one step closer by signing up to the Fire Fighting Academy.


Our McFatter Technical College campus provides a 396 hour course that meets requirements set up by The Bureau of Fire Standards and Training State Fire Marshal Office. You’ll participate and become and expert in ladder usage, hose layout, hazardous materials, extrication and using your breathing apparatus, all while knowing the ins and outs of fire safety and first aid.


If you’re ready for a challenging career in battling the elements and rescuing those in your community, understand that this course is not for the faint of heart, but it is for the strong willed. If you’re ready for one of the most challenging careers of your lifetime and one that gives you the ability to help your neighbors on a daily basis, than Broward Technical Colleges is ready for you to begin at the Fire Fighting Academy today.