What is the Money Back Guarantee?

Broward Technical Colleges are committed to teaching the skills necessary for career success. We offer a refund for tuition paid for eligible programs in high demand fields to students who are not employed within six (6) months after program completion.

Students who are eligible for the Money-Back Guarantee may receive reimbursement of tuition minus institutional scholarships and/or grants received. Only tuition is included, any other fees, expenses and/or charges are excluded.

To be deemed eligible, a student must meet all eligibility criteria and apply for the Money Back Guarantee no later than the first seven (7) days of the seventh (7th) month following their official program completion. Incomplete applications or those with missing criteria will not be considered.

Eligible Programs

  • Advanced Automotive Service Technology (Ford ASSET, GM ASEP, MOPAR-MCAP, Nissan/Infiniti Automotive Technician Training NTTA, Toyota TTEN)
  • Marine Service Technologies
  • Practical Nursing

Eligibility Criteria

  • Student must have self-paid, and have not received federal or state financial aid, grants, scholarships or third-party agency or employer funding.
  • Student completed an eligible program and was unable to obtain employment in their respective industry within six (6) months of program completion.
    • Completion includes:
      • Receiving a program certificate
      • Passing an industry credential or licensure exam aligned to your completed program within three (3) months of program completion.
    • Student must have a final GPA of 3.0 or greater.
    • Student must have an overall attendance rate of 90% or above.
    • Student must have completed their program of study within 110% of the program hours. *
    • Student must have participated in documented clinicals or internships.
    • Student must be in good financial standing with the college.
    • Student must be legally eligible for employment in the U.S.
    • Student must successfully pass any background checks and drug screenings required by prospective employers.
    • Student must be willing to travel or relocate to a new market to obtain employment within their field of study.
    • Student cannot be enrolled in any other educational or continuing education program.
    • Student must be registered in College Central and have uploaded their resume.
    • Student must present documentation of 60 employment applications with evidence of 20 good faith interviews related to your field of study. These can include emails, letters from potential employers, etc.
    • Student must have taken the Ready to Work Soft Skills course. Certificate must be presented. https://www.floridareadytowork.com/softskills
    • Student must have attended a school based employability workshop.
    • Student must have attended a minimum of three (3) industry related career fairs or hiring events and worked directly with Career Services for employment assistance in the last semester of enrollment or last month of graduation.
    • Student must present evidence of enrollment in Employ Florida. https://www.employflorida.com/vosnet/Default.aspx

How to Apply

  • Complete and submit the Money Back Guarantee application no later than the first seven (7) days of the seventh (7th) month following your official program completion.
  • Complete and submit proof of eligibility criteria to the point of contact at the school you attended.
    • Atlantic Technical College
    • McFatter Technical College
    • Sheridan Technical College
  • All criteria must be met when submitting the Money Back Guarantee application to be deemed eligible.


  1. How much is the reimbursement?
    1. Reimbursement is the cost of Florida Resident Tuition only.
  2. What is covered by the Money Back Guarantee?
    1. Reimbursement only applies to one (1) eligible workforce education program.
  3. What is deadline for submitting the application?
    1. The application must be submitted no later than the first seven (7) days of the seventh (7th) month following their official program completion.
  4. If I am deemed eligible, when can I expect to receive my reimbursement?
    1. Eligible students will receive a refund check in 8-12 weeks from the application approval date.
  5. Am I eligible for the guarantee if an agency paid my tuition?
    1. No, only students who pay out of pocket and meet the criteria are eligible.

*For students who qualify under ADAAA, your 504 plan will be taken into consideration regarding your program hours.