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    Calling All Alumni

    Are you interested in keeping up to date on upcoming Alumni events, becoming an Ambassador, or maybe becoming a mentor? Want to know about the latest Alumni activities? Stayed tuned to this News feed for more up to date information about whats happening in your Alumni...

    Broward Fire Academy in Southern Florida

    They say heroes don’t always wear capes, and when you’re a firefighter, you become a hero to so many men, women and children. Here at Broward Technical Colleges, we’re ready to train you for a heroes job. With our Fire Academy program. Full time or part time, BTC...

    Job Market Salaries, Demand and Job Placement

    Whether you’re just starting your education, in the middle of it, or nearing graduation, most students have the same things on their mind; what job am I going to get? At Broward Technical Colleges, we make sure that you’re not just learning the skills you need, but...

    ESOL Classes in Southern Florida

    Whether you’re a brand new English speaker or you’re looking to understand more, or even need additional skills to work in the US successfully, Broward Technical Colleges’ ESOL classes are here to help. You’ll be prepared to communicate in English that will help...