Steve Jobs once said, “Computers themselves…will revolutionize the way we learn.” He couldn’t have been more right. At Broward Technical Colleges, we use computers to learn about…well, computers. Our Various Information Technology programs offer very extensive courses that teach you how to understand, set up, develop programs on and protect computers, among the many other parts of the course.

Our curriculum for Network Support services is approved by the global education initiative, Cisco Networking Academy. Whether you’re just starting to learn about computers or are proficient and would like to understand them more, you’ll find that when the courses are complete, you’d be able to build a computer, fill it up with the proper tools, and protect it all at once.

Cyber security is more important now than ever. Thanks to self-called Hacktivists and malware, protecting your machine, and essentially your information is critical in this day in age. Let us teach you to protect yourself and get your career started in virtually any field you’d like. Contact Broward Technical Colleges today to get started!