Whether you’re just starting your education, in the middle of it, or nearing graduation, most students have the same things on their mind; what job am I going to get? At Broward Technical Colleges, we make sure that you’re not just learning the skills you need, but we’re invested in getting you ready for placing your first job.

Over the next several years, including 2016, job growth is expected to increase overall, resulting in 10 million new jobs. Most of them will be in healthcare, the business world, or technology. Our campuses are committed to these three fields and we actively work with students to prepare them for careers in each of them. The thing to remember is people will continue to need healthcare, companies always need accountants and when it comes to technological advances and demand, the sky is the limit.

With salaries expected to grow with the demand of each profession, so will your desire to be a part of these fields. Our helpful staff will continue to work with every student to get them the best education, for the best career that you’ve worked hard to achieve. Get ready for your future to be as bright as the job market is going to be.