Students interested in a job in the healthcare field should enroll in our nursing program at Broward Technical College. It will prepare you for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care.

Which Jobs Can You Get after the Nursing Program?

We have a comprehensive nursing program at Broward Technical Colleges. It is ideal for individuals looking for a nursing career in either hospitals or extended care facilities.

Which Courses are Part of the Nursing Program?

Our nursing program includes a Practical Nursing course. It is a full-time, twelve-month course and is 1350 hours. It starts with an early introduction to the clinical area, as well as theory and clinical procedures.

After completing the program, students will receive a certificate. Then, they can take the NCLEX-PN licensure examination and, after passing, will receive a license from the Florida State Board of Nursing.

What About Patient Care Options?

Our Patient Care program also has great options for individuals looking for a position in the healthcare field. In fact, there are even options available for students who have no prior experience in the industry.

  • Patient Care Technician: Full-time, six months, 600 hours

Students will receive training in 12-lead EKG and basic phlebotomy techniques, as well as perform restorative skills. You will also be eligible to take the State Certified Nursing Assistant Certification Examination after completing the Nursing Assistant Skills portion.

  • Patient Care Assistant: Full-time, 10 weeks, 290 hours

Patient care assistants work under the direction of the nurse, taking vital signs and assisting patients with basic tasks. In this course, you will receive training in infection control, safety and emergency procedures, and more.

Visit with our team at our colleges in Broward County, FL to learn more about our nursing program or get enrolled today!