Our online classes here at Broward Technical College are an excellent way to find new industries, learn about career opportunities, and complete your studies around your busy work or home life schedules. Our professors and staff are dedicated to helping students at all levels of their career excel and find jobs in which they can grow and succeed.

Adjusting to Online Classes

Adjusting to online education can be challenging, especially if you’ve never experienced it before. That’s why we’re here to offer some tips and tricks for making the most of your experience, just as you would if classes were taken in person.

  • Eliminate distractions—It can be challenging to get away from work or other responsibilities for long, but it’s essential to success. Find a separate room or quiet space to take your classes.
  • Manage your time—We know it’s not easy to work full-time or raise a family and also go to school. That’s why we’re the place to go for adult education in Miami. We want to work with you, so look at your schedule in advance and stay organized.
  • Set routines—The best way to manage everything is to follow a routine, just like you would if you were going to class in person.

How to Engage With Your Peers and Professors

If you’re worried about getting communication and networking expertise online, don’t be. Here are some tips for staying engaged with classmates and professors at a safe distance.

  • Use provided resources
  • Communicate with your TAs
  • Create virtual study groups
  • Utilize social media to stay in touch with classmates
  • Speak up in class
  • Check your email and school boards often

There are many more ways to succeed here at Broward Technical College, whether you’re part of the IT tech school, culinary school, or cosmetology school. Schedule an appointment to learn more today.