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Good news for all current and prospective Broward Technical Colleges students: registration for all classes begins Monday, August 10.

Good news for all current and prospective Broward Technical Colleges students:  registration for all classes begins Monday, August 10 – and classes commence two weeks later, on August 24!  If you’re interested in embarking on a rewarding career in a field like automotive, medical, culinary, or business/IT, circle these dates on your calendar! Searching for nursing schools in Broward County?  Put Broward Technical Colleges atop your list.  Our Health Science & Medical Technology program is one of the finest around, and the perfect place to begin your healthcare education.  We offer a fantastic class called Comprehensive Medical Core, a required 90-hour online course that will provide you with a strong foundation for moving into any number of healthcare fields.  The curriculum covers a variety of essential topics to prepare students for success in our medical programs, including an introduction to the human body, basic first aid, workplace safety/OSHA, healthcare workers and facilities, and communication skills. For those of you interested in information technology certifications near Miami, you’ll definitely want to explore our Network Support Services training program. Network Support Services will get you moving in the right direction if you want a career in IT.  Via a challenging curriculum, we’ll prepare you to create, monitor, and maintain computer networks, as well as operate computers and the peripheral equipment they interact with.  This program is Cisco Networking Academy-certified, and upon completion you’ll possess fluency in a number of network support activities, including network configuration, hardware and software troubleshooting, and computer user support. Don’t wait another minute to pursue your dream.  Whether you aspire to be a nurse, a chef, an IT administrator, an automotive technician, or any number of other professions, Broward Technical Colleges are ready to help.   Don’t forget — registration for all classes begins Monday, August 10!