Accidents happen every day, but at the Broward Technical Colleges, we teach you how to help fix them. The Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Program gets you up close and personal to help fix any issue in vehicle repair. More than just repair, BTC teaches how to estimate costs, get in touch with material supplier and so much more.

Automotive repair is more than just buffing out scratches and dents, it’s about building connections with material suppliers, making sure you have good relationships with the customers who need their car fixed after an accident, dealing with insurance companies, and of course, understanding and repairing the actual vehicle. At the Broward Technical Colleges we’ll be your number one resource for bringing all these things into your grasp.

With the tools provided for you at Broward Technical Colleges’ Auto Repair programs, you’re able to not just repair any vehicle, but help the custom19er, who’s having an awful day, with anything they could need in the process; you’ll have not only the tools to repair vehicles, but also bad days.