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Programs – Architecture and Construction

Most people wish they could build their dream career and with Broward Technical Colleges’ Architecture and Construction program, you literally can build your new life. If you’re ready to take on the challenges of knowing the ins and outs of HVAC, construction or...

Course – Web Development/Java Development

Whether you’re conducting research for a project, surfing the net for the latest news, or even just enjoying a game of Words with Friends, each of those pages had to be designed. If you want to jump in the world of the wide web to build websites, Broward Technical...

Program – Manufacturing and Electronics

Computers keep the world moving. They connect us, they entertain us, and they even keep traffic in order. At Broward Technical Colleges, the courses available for you to be a part of teaches you how to analyze, repair and maintain computer software and hardware, learn...

Program – Baking and Pastry Arts

Whether it’s morning, late afternoon or midnight snack, there’s never a bad time for baked goods and pastries. At Broward Technical Colleges, mastering in the Baking and Pastry arts gives you the ability to create tasty treats at any time. Begin your baking career as...

Registration – Online Orientation

Broward Technical Colleges is ready to help you get your career in a year with the first step being Online Orientation. Select classes and programs begin on June 12th and the time for you to improve your life; improve your career, is now.  Don’t let another day pass...