Whether it’s morning, late afternoon or midnight snack, there’s never a bad time for baked goods and pastries. At Broward Technical Colleges, mastering in the Baking and Pastry arts gives you the ability to create tasty treats at any time. Begin your baking career as a baker or pastry chef.


Hoping to have piping hot pies? Taking time to taste tiramisu? Quietly learning the art of baking quick breads? Get on board and don’t wait any longer to begin your baking career. Whether you’re opening a bakery, compiling a list of catered events, or just learning a new talent in the kitchen, we have baked in the perfect course load for you.


Begin your baking career today with Baking and Pastry Arts at Broward Technical Colleges at any of our 3 campus locations in Coconut Creek, Davie or Hollywood.  Aside from just the baking terms and skills, you’ll learn how to present these delicious delicacies with ease and poise. Look for better courses at better times for better costs today at Broward Technical Colleges.