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Program Overview: Architecture and Construction

If you’re ready to begin building your career in architecture and construction, Broward Technical Colleges are here to give you the tools you need to train for this exciting and ever-growing field. Whether you’re looking to work in construction, HVAC, or start your...

Hurry! Registration Ends Soon!

Fall is a time for cool weather, sports excitement, and now, for new beginnings when you sign up for classes at Broward Technical Colleges. Registration is open now and classes begin on October 31st! Don’t miss your chance for a better future.   Taking classes at...

Program: Adult General Education

It’s time to stop accepting a job you don’t like and start working towards your brand new career. The first step is signing up with Broward Technical Colleges’ Adult General Education courses. This is set up to get you back on track and ready to take on any studies...

Growing Job Market: Career in a Year

Tired of working the same dead-end job and think you could be doing more? At Broward Technical Colleges, we understand the job market is ever expanding and fields are opening up for more and more workers every day. Don’t hesitate anymore! Hurry in to any of the...