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    In today’s world, computers are everything. From traffic lights, to air traffic control, to your basic household, people rely on computers and electronics more than anything else. At Broward Technical Colleges, we offer courses on how to analyze, repair and maintain computer software and hardware, electronic devices, and local area networks.   If computers aren’t necessarily your “thing”, you’ll be able to take courses that help you learn to set up and operate heavy machinery, learn how to weld, and generally be a master in the manufacturing world. Manufacturing and computer repair are quickly becoming the bedrock of careers in our world. The time to jump in and begin to get your career in a year is now!   Whether you’re building, repairing or just learning to understand computers and machines, you’ve started a path that offers plenty of career options. At Broward Technical Colleges, you’re also on a path for a career in a year and one that enriches your life.