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Job Placement

Your experience at any one of our campuses is sure to be full of hard work and a lot fun. After all that work, we know that the end result is ultimately start a new career. Part of our job is helping you launch a new one and we make sure that finding that career path...

High School Dual Enrollment

Each of our three campuses offers High School Dual Enrollment? What is this? Career Dual Enrollment is an option for current high school students to enroll in post secondary courses that can go toward both high school graduation and also a career and technical college...

Program Overview: Marketing, Sales and Service

Do you often find yourself marveling at the window displays in a retail store or paying extra close attention to social media posts? Exploring Broward Technical Colleges’ Marketing, Sales and Service program would be a perfect fit for you! Through our online,...

Program: Information Technology

Information Technology careers are continually on the rise and as our society depends more and more on technology, support careers in Information Technology are likely to continue to be in demand. Broward Technical Colleges offers 13 different programs across three...

Financial Aid from Broward Technical Colleges

Broward Technical Colleges offers better prices than other schools in the area and we pride ourselves in offering affordable educational opportunities. However, we know that any educational costs can be daunting or intimidating for some students. Not to worry, Broward...