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Registration Begins May 31st!

For most people, summer time is a break period during the hot months. But for the career-focused people, it’s time to get moving. The weather outside is hot so why not cool off in the classroom? Starting May 31st, registration for June classes begins and there’s no...

Construction & Building Trades

The best careers you work in, are the ones you build yourself. At Broward Technical Colleges, the Construction and Building Trades program is one for you to create your perfect career. Our program educates you in the fields necessary for your dream career. Looking to...

Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Program

Accidents happen every day, but at the Broward Technical Colleges, we teach you how to help fix them. The Automotive Collision Repair and Refinishing Program gets you up close and personal to help fix any issue in vehicle repair. More than just repair, BTC teaches how...

Why Broward Technical Colleges

They say, “The first step is the hardest” when it comes to completing any goal in life. At Broward Technical Colleges, we’ve made that first step, on a new career path and better life, as simple as can be. It’s time to seize your chance for more earning power and...

Business Management Program in Broward County

If you’ve been looking into starting your own business or wanting to venture into the world of business, Broward Technical Colleges have you covered. Whether you’re looking for management, accounting, administration or several other related fields, there’s no shortage...