Has all that cooking at home made you realize your passion for cooking may be more than just a passion? Enrolling in culinary school at Broward Technical Colleges can help you get that dream career and now may be the best time to do so.

Restaurants are Reopening

After the challenges of 2020, consumers are slowly integrating restaurants again. In fact, the amount of people feeling safe to dine in restaurants has consistently increased every month. This is great news for restaurant owners as their sales continue to climb, which means it is time to fully staff their restaurants again.

Staffing is Challenging

It was not uncommon for restaurant owners to have to decrease their staff during the pandemic. After all, sales were historically low. Now, as their businesses rebuild, they are still having trouble. In fact, 75% of operators say recruiting and retaining workers is their top business challenge. Looks like there are lots of people looking for some new quality employees.

Our Courses Available

We have several culinary courses available to help you find just the expertise you want and need.

  • Baking and Pastry Arts – 600 hours/full-time/nine months

This course teaches you to prepare breads, pastries, cookies, cakes, pies, and more. It can help you earn a career as a baker or pastry cook at a bakery, restaurant, or hotel.

  • Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality – 1200 hours/full-time/10 months

This course prepares you for making foods in quantity. It covers sanitation, safety, care and use of equipment, basic nutrition, menu planning, hospitality management, and more.

  • Culinary Vegetarian and Plant-Based Specialty – 600 hours/hybrid/six months

Students will learn to prepare wholesome, nourishing foods to obtain a career in a plant-based kitchen.

Think a culinary career is for you? Reach out to Broward Technical Colleges to enroll today!