What Does the Professional Culinary Arts and Hospitality Program Entail?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the leisure and hospitality vertical is expected to grow the fastest between 2020 and 2030 compared to all other industries. The BLS also reports that the employment of head cooks and chefs will grow by 25 percent during the same time period, which is a growth rate that’s significantly faster than average across all occupations.

What do those promising numbers mean for you? They mean you may want to consider registering with one of our culinary colleges in Florida. If you’re looking for culinary colleges in Broward County, you should know that we offer culinary and hospitality courses on the following campuses:

  • Atlantic Technical College
  • McFatter Technical College
  • Sheridan Technical College

About Our Comprehensive Program

When you become familiar with our offerings, you’ll see that we offer several rapid credentialing programs that enable students to launch a career in a year or less. Our Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program encompasses 1,200 hours of study and hands-on training. Students who participate in the program full-time are often able to complete their training in 10 months or so.

Like our other rapid credentialing programs, this course is rigorous yet worthwhile. As you attend program sessions, you’ll pick up the skills and knowledge that are necessary to thrive as an employed professional in a growing field.

On the culinary side, you’ll learn how to prepare commercial food in bulk. You’ll also learn how to bake fresh bread, pastries, and other sweet treats from scratch using commercial-grade equipment. Some of the topics you’ll learn about include:

  • Menu planning
  • Portion control
  • Basic nutrition
  • Sanitation
  • Safety

As far as hospitality goes, you’ll learn about property management, reservation systems, forecasting, event planning, hiring and firing best practices, and conflict resolution.

Enroll Today

The team at Broward Technical Colleges encourages you to sign up for our Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program at your earliest convenience. Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation, this program has the potential to make your future even brighter thanks to the tremendous growth that’s forecasted for the related industry in the years ahead.

To prepare to seek employment in a growing industry that’s rife with limitless opportunities, register to take the Professional Culinary Arts & Hospitality Program at Broward Technical Colleges today.