Gaining a high school diploma can truly make a big impact on your life and your career plans. Of course, life gets in the way and getting a traditional diploma isn’t always a possibility. However, you can gain a GED® certification to help you have more opportunities headed your way, and we’re happy to help you prepare at Broward Technical Colleges.

Which Courses Do You Need?

GED is an acronym for General Educational Development. The certification is achieved after passing a series of four different courses. These specific courses are intended to prove a person’s high school academic knowledge.

The courses include:

  • Mathematical Reasoning: Includes Basic Math, Geometry, Basic Algebra, and Graphs and Functions
  • Reasoning through Language Arts: Includes Reading for Meaning, Identifying and Creating Arguments, and Grammar and Language
  • Social Studies: Includes Reading for Meaning in Social Studies, Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies, and Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies
  • Science: Reading for Meaning in Science, Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments, and Using Numbers and Graphics in Science

How Do You Prepare?

One of the best ways to prepare for your exam is to take our GED test prep course. Our preparation class gives you the confidence you need to be tested in each of the different subjects.

It helps prep you by explaining the test format and even giving you sample test questions. You can opt for face-to-face instruction or online courses to ensure your class schedule fits with your existing demands.

Ready to open even more doors for a possible new career? A GED certification may be just what you need. Get all the confidence you need with a test prep course at one of our Broward Technical Colleges. Reach out to our team to enroll today!