With four-year college costing more than ever, many high school graduates are asking themselves if a bachelor’s degree from a university is worth it. For some, learning a trade and going to a technical school makes more sense than taking out thousands of dollars in student loan debt. In fact, with more than 11 million open jobs in the market, the quickest path to a high-paying career could be through an apprenticeship program available through schools like Broward Technical Colleges.

After decades of societal pressure to go to college, students are taking a stand. When it comes to finding a rewarding career, a four-year degree with loan debt is not the only option. Last year, according to the Department of Labor, 593,690 apprentices were learning skills like carpentry, plumbing, IT, and healthcare. That number is up 66 percent from 10 years earlier and is projected to increase in future years.

Additionally, the Florida Department of Education launched the “GET THERE” Workforce Education Initiative in 2020. Since its inception, the program has highlighted the key benefits of rapid credentialing programs that allow students to graduate and start working within six months. Programs like rapid credentialing are available to Florida residents at 28 Florida College System Institutions and 48 technical colleges and centers across the state, including Broward Technical Colleges.

With plenty of positions waiting to be filled with salaries starting at $70,000 – $90,000 a year, more students are realizing that college is not for everybody and opting for a technical education. If you’re interested in starting a fulfilling career without the student loan debt and a four-year degree, take a look at our trade school course offerings.