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Trade School vs. College: Which is Better for You?

Pursuing further education has many advantages. Whether you choose to attend a four-year college or a trade school, having further accreditation opens up new doors.

Trade Schools Near Me

Why Should You Choose a Trade School?

Choosing to attend a trade school offers many advantages. The job landscape is undergoing a massive shift, and more skilled workers are needed than ever before. A trade school provides students invaluable on-the-job training and the skill set they need to pursue their intended career path.


Trade schools are less expensive than colleges, which means less debt upon graduation. While having a college degree may provide a higher starting salary, trade schools have a higher return on investment. A trade school education usually pays itself back many more times more than college over a lifetime.  Most courses are two years or less, so you can start earning sooner than if you graduated from a four-year college. Most trade schools also offer job placements right when you graduate, helping you get that first step on the career ladder.


Why Should You Choose a College?

A college degree can be a necessary requirement depending on your career goals. While only a certain percentage of college graduates have a job that has to do with their degree, many careers require a college degree just to apply. Those with a college degree tend to have increased earning potential, though they often have a large amount of debt upon graduation. Having a college degree also offers improved job flexibility, with broader job opportunities.


Attending a trade school or a college both offer their own unique set of advantages. What to choose is very personal, and will come down to your career path. If you’re not sure, we encourage you to explore your options and look into trade schools in Florida.


Our Broward Community College continuing education programs are all fully accredited and are taught by teachers who are experts in their field. We have three campuses, conveniently located throughout the Broward area and flexible class schedules. Our trade schools with job placements help you get secure a job when you graduate, with the skills you need to succeed. If you are searching for a trade school near me in the Broward County, FL, area, look no further than Broward Technical College.