Are you not where you’d like to be in your courses at Broward Technical Colleges? Don’t get discouraged; there’s still time to fix your grades. Here are some tips to get your grades back up before the semester ends.

Don’t Miss Any Classes

We understand that life gets hectic, and it isn’t always possible to make every class. However, when grades start to slip, attendance is more important than ever. Being present in class (and involved!) is one of the most effective ways to learn. If you have an emergency and can’t attend, make sure that you reach out to see what you missed.

Take Effective Notes

It can be difficult to determine what information you learn is most important. So, students tend to write down every tiny detail. Then, it’s overwhelming when you go through your notes trying to decide what to study. Try to take effective notes that highlight the key information you learn.

Chat with Your Professor

There is nothing that makes our professors happier than seeing their students succeed. Our goal is to help you get to that dream career. If you find yourself falling behind, reach out to your professor. We can give you resources to help you study better or may even have extra credit opportunities. It never hurts to ask!

Find a Study Buddy or Group

Studying can feel overwhelming when you go at it alone. We encourage you to reach out to a student (or students) in class and set up study times together. This will certainly help hold you accountable. You’d also be surprised at how different two students’ notes can be. They may be catching things you haven’t.

Need help? Contact us today. We truly want you to succeed and are happy to help!