Have you been considering attending a vocational school to help you earn a new career? Our team at Broward Technical Colleges is highlighting three factors that you should consider when choosing a vocational school.

1. The Coursework

When considering a trade school, it’s always a good idea to look at the coursework needed to graduate. Consider the following questions:

  • Does the schedule work with your existing demands?
  • What about the total timeline?
  • Will you be getting hands-on training or maybe even earning jobsite experience?

One of the many perks of attending one of our vocational schools is the specialized training you receive, which helps make you even more employable.

2. The Cost

Naturally, cost is a big factor when choosing any postsecondary education path. You can see major savings when opting to attend a vocational school rather than a four-year university, namely due to the fact you need to take less classes to graduate.

When comparing a trade school to another trade school, you don’t just want to look at the total cost. It’s also important to consider the financial aid and scholarship opportunities you may have access to by attending there.

3. The Success Rate

One of the biggest factors to consider when looking at vocational schools is their success rate. You don’t just want to look at how many students earn their degree, but also, what percentage of the graduates are employed.

At Broward Technical Colleges, we offer a plethora of alumni resources to help our students find their dream jobs. Our students’ success is undoubtedly our biggest priority and it’s something we’re extremely proud of.

Think an education from Broward Technical Colleges is something you want to pursue? We’d love to count you as one of our many success stories! Reach out to our team to get started today!