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Take Advantage of Broward Night Schools

If you have been searching for night schools near me in the Broward, FL area look no further than Broward Technical Colleges. At our technical schools in Broward County, we pride ourselves on offering a quality education at an affordable price.

Night Schools Near Me

Why Enroll in a Night School?

Enrolling in a night school may give you the perfect opportunity to achieve your career goals. The biggest benefit is the added flexibility. Many of the students at our trade schools in Florida are working in addition to attending school. A night school schedule provides the flexibility to meet all of your professional and academic responsibilities.


Many night school programs have condensed schedules. For example, a course may be held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings during the week for a few hours, allowing you to have the other nights free.


Our Programs

We offer a diverse range of programs from information technology certifications to car repair certification. All of our programs allow you to get real hands-on experience to pave the path for a rewarding career. You can pursue a valuable career in health science, nursing and patient care, education and training, information technology, and more. We also offer adult education near Miami programs for those wanting to earn their GED or ESOL certificate.


Most of our programs can be completed in a 12 month period, allowing our students to advance quickly to the next stage of their careers. We also offer job placement assistance to help you land that important first job.


Broward Technical College is fully accredited and all of our teachers are state-licensed and certified. Financial aid is available for qualified students and the cost of our programs is a fraction of what you would pay for a four-year college course.


To Learn More

For a full list of the programs offered, please visit our website or get in touch with us. You can send us an email, give us a call, or visit one the campus of one of our conveniently located technical colleges the Broward, FL, area.