At Broward Technical Colleges, we don’t just give you a world-class education. We don’t just help you set up your new life with classes. We help you along the way with our student services handbook that answers all of your questions. Need a career assessment, or counseling? Have a question about job placement, disability services and more? Just flip through our handbook and we’re here to help you.

Our counseling and career assessment services give you comprehensive assessment of the programs designed so you can be the most efficient in what classes you take and move on to your new career path. As an equal opportunity college, Broward Technical Colleges of course provides disability care and services for those with disabilities. When your classes are all said and done, our job placement services come in very handy to provide you with the best career opportunity you can get.

Broward Technical Colleges provides better class times, better classes, and better student services to help better your career. Your life is ultimately better when you start taking classes and utilizing student services.