Starting a new school anywhere can be challenging. At Broward Technical Colleges, we make sure your resources as a student are abundant. Whether you’re downloading the Student Handbook or getting information from the Financial Aid page, we’re here to guide you along each step.

Need to brush up on the policies, student rights, safety protocols, responsibilities and services? Our student handbook has all that and more in a convenient downloadable document. If you’re looking for information on financial aid, we’ve got you covered. Check out everything from Federal Pell Grants to Veterans Benefits, Vocational Rehabilitation to Scholarships and Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Bettering yourself with higher education shouldn’t be financially out of your hand.

At Broward Technical Colleges, your future is your hands, so let us help guide you along the way. Take advantage of all the student resources available to you for your time here. Education starts with knowing all about how you can be successful here at the Broward Technical Colleges.