The year is 2016. You’re sitting in front of your TV, letting it wash over you when you notice an ad for Broward Technical Colleges. You’re tired of your same old, day in and day out and you need a boost. It’s time to start your new life and get a career in a year when you register for classes that begin on January 17th, 2017.

It’s time to take your New Years resolution and make it a new goal, a new aspiration, a new routine in your life. Once you complete a program orientation, take tests to determine your skill level and where to be placed, meet with your advisor and go with recommendations, you’re ready to register for your course load that will set you up with your new life and career.

Don’t wait for your life to change, make your life better in every way! Better courses, better prices and better schedules to help create a better you. Registration is now open and will be ready for you to start classes, begin your new life and even earn more with a career in a year, all beginning on January 17th.