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Rapid Credentialing Programs are at Broward Technical Colleges

Rapid credential programs are one of the best ways to improve your employability and make it easier to begin pursuing a career you love in a field with lots of opportunities for personal growth and success.


At Broward Technical Colleges, we’re not just dedicated to providing you with an education. We want to give you the tools you need to build a future for yourself and your loved ones with ease.


What Are the Benefits of Rapid Credentialing Programs?

From automotive technician repair to customer assistance technology to our patient care assistant program, Broward Technical Colleges offer a wide variety of educational paths that will ensure secure employment in growing industries and lots of opportunities for you.

automotive technician repair Broward

One of the best ways to begin your path toward a job you love, is to explore our rapid credentialing program. Rapid credentialing programs allow you to earn a certification in a skill or trade in six months or less.


Here are a few ways that our rapid credentialing programs at our trade schools will help improve your employability from day one:


  • In just six months, you will be eligible to sit for trade credentials or certifications, depending on the program
  • Spend less money on tuition than traditional academic tracks
  • Creditability of a Broward Technical Colleges certification behind you
  • Make connections in school that will help you find a great job
  • You have many rapid credentialing opportunities to pick from


Why Visit Broward Technical College for Your Rapid Credentialling Needs?

 Whether you’re looking for an HVAC program or you want to begin learning about home health care or EMT training, Broward Technical College has the resources you need to get started right away. In addition to offering rapid credentialing courses that allow you to get started in a new career as soon as possible, we also offer resources and tools for your education and beyond.


We have a wide variety of courses and disciplines to pick from, assistance for veterans and international students, adult education and ESL programs, and more. We offer information in several languages, financial aid, and job placement information to fit your needs.


When you’re ready to begin learning more about the opportunities available at Broward Technical Colleges, schedule an appointment with our admissions and registration team right here. We look forward to helping you take the next step in your education and career!