Build a new career in the architecture and construction field! Broward Technical Colleges are here to give you the tools you need to train for this exciting and constantly evolving field. Whether you’re looking to work in construction, HVAC, or start your path to be an architect, we’re here to help you map out a blueprint for your new career!

South Florida isn’t just the home for Broward Technical Colleges, it’s a haven for repair when it comes to air conditioning and refrigeration. We all know how unpredictable the weather is and how vital a solid AC system is. You’ll be able to learn how to repair and maintain domestic and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration and heating units to keep homes and businesses up and running comfortable.

We also have programs to help you learn to read schematics, study through our electricity training program, or even explore our drafting program; designed to help you grasp creative ideas and designs and help them come to life!

Just think about the possibilities of putting your ideas on paper and watching them become part of a blossoming skyline. Imagine starting or running a business where you can help friends and neighbors with their air conditioning during a hot and humid Florida summer. All that and so much more is possible with Broward Technical Colleges Architecture and Construction programs! Get started today and get a career in a year!