If you’re looking for a career in less than a year that allows for busy days of helping people in any situation, the Emergency Medical Technician program at Broward Technical Colleges is waiting for you. Sign up today and strap in for the fast-paced world of an EMT through our EMT ATD (Applied Technology Diploma) program.


You’ll dive right in with learning about emergency room rotations, fire rescue ride time, handing of all equipment and learning how to handle any situation calmly and safely in dangerous and safe conditions alike. No two situations are alike in this profession, so we start you off with three fire department rides and three hospital clinicals to get you ready for the challenges and rewards ahead.
Learning the skills, techniques and overall know-how of being an EMT isn’t an easy task, but one that offers no boring days behind a desk or mundane day-in-day-out of every day life. Broward Technical Colleges is here to assist in getting you the career of a lifetime.