What if you could create entire rooms, buildings and skylines with the stroke of a pencil? Now, with Broward Technical Colleges, Drafting course, you can! Experience another step on your way to become an expert architect by beginning the drafting course today.


Your training starts by learning drafting principles and techniques using manual drafting boards along with traditional tools. You will then advance to Computer-Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) by using AutoCAD and eventually move on to learning how to draw in 3-D with the use of Building Information and Modeling (BIM) programs, such as Revit or SolidWorks.


Don’t wait any longer, begin building your dream career in a year by experiencing the drafting course at Broward Technical Colleges. If you’ve wanted to see your name or your work up in lights, this course is one step in the right direction. Start taking these better courses at better times for better prices.