Are you ready to learn a new flow and head into a career in Plumbing? Look no further than Broward Technical Colleges! In just 9 months, you can be on your way to a brand new career with our Plumbing Technology program! Our full-time plumbing program are available at Sheridan Technical College in Hollywood.  Our plumbing classes will walk you through the ins and outs of plumbing in residential, commercial and industrial systems. Learn blueprint reading, cutting and joining pipes and how to interpret national and local plumbing codes.

Master the many components of the plumbing industry and learn management, finance, technical and production skills, technology, labor issues and health, safety and environmental issues.


Start a new career path with our Plumbing Technology program. After completing our 9-month program, you’ll be ready to take an approved state or nationally recognized industry certification test or licensure exam.


Register now for our program in Plumbing Technology in Hollywood at our Sheridan Campus.