Mark Zuckerberg may have invented the largest social networking site in history, but just “liking” him on Facebook won’t get you a job. When it comes to networking, especially in 2016, it takes more than a friend request to make a connection.

Broward Technical Colleges fully believe in the framework of a sturdy network, and creating & expanding your network begins where you train for your career.

At Broward Technical Colleges, networking is a field special all on its own. It starts with three incredible campuses filled with passionate students along with well-trained, qualified teachers, all of which have a different and unique skillset to offer. Not to mention, we offer smaller class sizes so instead of being lost in the crowd, you can form closer, more long-lasting relationships.

With all the resources available to Broward Technical Colleges, our goal is to get you prepped for your dream career. Our full-time staff of Job Placement Assistance Specialists has done an incredible job of helping all of our students transition from training to a career as quickly and as easily as possible.  When it comes to getting the career you want, it’s certainly what you know, but it’s also who you know.