Being able to focus on your schoolwork and attend an incredible school like one of the campuses of Broward Technical College is a great way to kick off your new life with a new career goal, but with those privileges, comes your rights and responsibilities as a student. We believe that education is a two way street, both are responsible for helping you get through education to bring you to your career; we’re here to help show you how to make the best of your education and time at any of our campuses.


You’ve chosen BTC and the individual college along with courses, and we’re also giving you the ability to choose to participate in adult education programs, choose to disclose a disability, receive reasonable accommodations in class and the ability to meet with staff to discuss your various needs. For every right, there are responsibilities, which include letting educators and staff know your needs. If you have a disability that affects your studies, it’s also up to you to provide documentation which also allows BTC to help you in any way you need.
At Broward Technical Colleges, our main goal is to help you achieve yours. With that, we want to make sure each student gets every tool necessary to graduate. After all, if you’re ready for your career in a year, we’re here to help you accomplish that.