Considering a trade school but concerned about your job opportunities? You’ll be pleasantly surprised to hear that finding a job may be easier due to your job-specific training.

At Broward Technical Colleges, we provide a plethora of perks to help students with their job search.

How Long Does it Take to Find a Job?

There are lots of factors that can impact your job search. On average, it typically takes college graduates six months to secure a job in their field. However, those numbers can vary greatly for trade school graduates.

In fact, HVAC technicians generally find a job almost twice as fast as others. In the meantime, don’t be afraid to consider part-time positions or paid internships. It’s beneficial to build professional relationships as well as demonstrate your value as a potential employee.

The Benefit of a Trade School Education

As we mentioned, a trade school education can be of benefit to you in your job search. You go through job-specific training and learn a specialized set of skills, so employers are confident that you can do your job.

Additionally, while these jobs are in high demand, the amount of people with the skills that are needed is limited.

Our Broward Technical Colleges Career Centers

We encourage all of our students to utilize the tools provided by our career centers. Each of our schools has one. They provide many tools that can help you transition from school to your career, as well as find that dream job.

  • Search, save, and instantly apply to career opportunities in our college career network
  • Perfect your interview skills with hands-on practice and mock interviews through Big Interview
  • Learn how to dress to impress
  • Gain resources to craft the perfect cover letter and resume

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