Information technology certifications are available here at Broward Technical college. We make it easy, affordable, and exciting to follow a career path you love in the field of IT. Schedule an appointment and begin learning online today.

Follow a Career in Applied Cybersecurity

There are many different paths to follow when you study with our expert IT instructors here at Broward Technical College. This includes the field of applied cybersecurity, which you can begin studying right from the comfort of home.

Cybersecurity experts learn how to prevent phishing scams, combat ransomware and malware, and create software programs that help protect businesses, organizations, and individuals. You can work for private companies, government entities, and more. You’ll learn how to stop hackers from learning personal information, protect servers and computers, and even identify potential threats before they occur. And Broward Technical College is the trade school in Florida to help you get started.

Why Attend Broward Technical College? 

An education in applied cybersecurity is just one of the excellent options available here at Broward Technical College. As part of our information technology track, you can study applied cybersecurity, but also database application and development, game simulation and animation, web development, and a whole lot more.

Our certifications and trade school programs don’t stop with information technology. We also have car repair certifications, nursing programs, instruction in GED preparation, business, cosmetology, and other unique and exciting fields.

With online learning options and instruction geared toward working adults balancing jobs and family responsibilities, Broward Technical College is an excellent way to start a new career. We offer services for veterans and international students, financial aid options for students who qualify, online orientations and school information in multiple languages, and even credits that can transfer to associate degree tracks.

It’s all right here at Broward Technical College. Learn more about a career in applied cybersecurity and other information technology certifications today.