Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and with Broward Technical Colleges Human services programs, the ability to create beauty is in your hands. You’ll learn all the skills necessary when it comes to barbering, cosmetology, facial specialty and massage therapy.


Get ready for your career in a year as a restricted barber or the full barbering program where you’ll learn all the latest techniques. You’ll be able to focus on the Florida Cosmetology Laws and Rules to better assist your studies. Not to mention you’ll be able to test and qualify to be a licensed massage therapist that can specialize in any and all massage techniques.


Looking to help shape people’s new hair-dos? Help people with uncontrollable eyebrows? Relax even the most anxious and stressed person you know? All of these abilities and so many more are available to you and are just a click away. If you’re serious about beauty and hygiene along with massage therapy, there’s no time like now to sign up for Human Services courses today.