Internships can be a valuable tool for gaining the experience you need for your future career. At Broward Technical College, we want to help in any way we can. Here are some tips to stand out when applying for internships.

Have a Powerful Resume

A professional resume is huge when applying for internships or jobs. Oftentimes, employers won’t even consider you for an interview if your resume doesn’t include the appropriate keywords or relevant knowledge or experience.

You want to consider the position you want and highlight the skills or job history you have that is relevant to the internship you are applying for.

Build an Online Presence

Keep in mind, while a resume is a powerful resource for employers, so is the Internet. More than likely, potential employers are going to search for you online. They might be checking your social media accounts, so think twice about what you are saying or posting.

Plus, they’ll probably look for an online portfolio (if applicable) or even a LinkedIn account. Setting up a basic LinkedIn account is free, so start building one soon! You can keep your profile private while you build it until you think it’s ready to share.

Ask a Mentor for Feedback

Once you feel like you have your resume and online presence established, ask for feedback! Look for a mentor in the field you are applying for. Many of our alumni have actually become mentors and are happy to help you out! Speaking with mentors is also a great way to build more professional relationships and develop new contacts that can help you in your future job search.

Still have questions? Our team is happy to help! Contact our Broward County technical colleges anytime, we’d love to speak with you!