Is your time at Broward Technical Colleges almost up? Once your adult education is complete, finding the perfect technical job is likely next on your list. And, undoubtedly, one of the most crucial parts of being considered at your dream job is a well-written resume.

Compile Your Information

The bulk of your resume will be information about your past, including your job history and education. Typically, work history should be limited to 10 years (unless you have something older than is particularly relevant). Don’t forget to highlight the credentials and job-specific skills you earned at our technical colleges. They will certainly give you an edge over the other applicants.

Focus on Your Measurable Accomplishments

Under each prior position, you want to include a few bullet points of your responsibilities, as well as your accomplishments. Try to be as specific as possible and show tangible results.

  • Instead of – “Managed team in completing day-to-day responsibilities and tasks.”
  • Consider – “Led team of 15 to help cut overhead costs by 17% per year.”

Think About Your Desired Position

Make sure your resume showcases your skills and how you would be an asset to their team. Look at the job position’s listing and integrate its specific keywords into your resume either in your work history or a personal summary. This is often something employers look for first. You also want to look for the necessary skills they require and illustrate how you have mastered those skills in past positions or through your career-oriented education.

Need help? One of the perks of attending school at Broward Technical College is the resources we provide our students and alumni. The professionals at our career centers are happy to help you build your resume and even prepare for your interview. Reach out today to get started!