No matter what your future goals may be, you’ll benefit from articulated college credits at our colleges in Broward County Florida. Broward Technical College is committed to helping every student that comes through our doors achieve their dreams. Why not let us help you with yours?

What are Articulated College Credits?

If you are interested in furthering your education after attending a Broward Technical College, you’ll benefit from articulated college credits. These are credits that can transfer to a university, essentially serving a dual purpose. This way, you can work towards an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree, all at the same time.

How Can I Get Free Credits?

Our schools collaborate with Florida state colleges so that you can transfer your credits to the college of your choice at no additional cost to you. You simply have to enroll in a state college within two years of finishing your Career and Technical Education program at one of our Broward technical colleges. Then, you just have to consult with an advisor at your preferred college about transferring the credits.   

Why Enroll at Broward Technical Colleges First?

There are too many benefits to even mention. The biggest benefit, arguably, is the cost savings to you. You can attend our technical colleges much more affordably than a four-year school. By applying those credits to your degree you’ll see a huge amount of savings.

Plus, you can get a degree or certification from our school in much less time. That allows you to find a better career sooner. You may even want to consider working while you finish up your degree.

Unsure where to start? You can easily apply at our Florida schools or speak with one of our trusted advisors for help on where to begin. There’s no need to wait – reach out today!