Have you ever wanted to bake the perfect holiday cookies? Flambé your favorite dessert? Make the most flavorful dishes? Better yet, do you want to make a career out of it? Our Culinary Arts programs offered at all three Broward Technical Colleges wants you to whisk the flavors of the world on an exciting new career path.


With our incredible programs, you’ll train in state-of-the-art kitchens with world-class chefs and hands-on training  as you cook your way to your dream career.  


If baking and decorating desserts are our cup of tea, we offer a full-time Baking and Pastry arts programs at all three of our campuses throughout Broward County. 


If you’re looking to be a chef, food preparation working, short order cook, or private chef, start with our Commercial Foods and Culinary Arts program.


When you enroll with BTC’s culinary program, you’ll learn all it takes to be a world-class chef or pastry chef. Cook up some incredible flavors in the kitchen and turn your passion into a new and exciting career at Broward Technical Colleges.