The Broward Technical Colleges Continuing Education programs are an excellent way to develop the skills and connections you need to succeed in a career you love. There are many great reasons to consider joining one of our unique programs like nursing, auto repair or IT, especially now. Here are just a few of the top.


Flexibility is one of the best benefits of continuing education programs. We offer many excellent online resources and courses that you can pursue while working or taking care of your family. Blending your education and your current responsibilities and needs is easy, with the help from Broward Technical Colleges.

New Opportunities

Whether you’re looking to grow in your current field or you want to pivot industries, we have many excellent educational tracks that can help. Our career resources team will offer guidance on which trade school programs are best for your passions and experiences and help you to find the next best step to success.

Lower Costs

When you make Broward Technical Colleges the trade school in Florida you turn to for all of your technical and continuing education needs, you’ll have access to an excellent education at the right price. We’re less expensive than many continuing education options and we have many finance packages and assistance programs for you. 

Safer Education

If you’re not ready to return to in-person education environments, Broward Technical Colleges has you covered. Many of our excellent programs are available remotely and we’re doing everything we can to keep you safe as you continue on this new journey.

Education in Technology

In addition to completing your GED certification or following a path in many excellent new industries, we also provide students with the resources for a technology education that will serve them in any field. Whether remote or in the classroom, we make it easy to learn all you need to know about new technology and communication.

It’s all right here at Broward Technical Colleges. Continue your education by scheduling an appointment today.