There are so many benefits to dual enrollment courses. Whether you are interested in taking college classes while in high school or you’re simply ready to further your education, these classes at Broward Technical College can certainly help you advance towards your goals.

Dual Enrollment High School Courses

When you take dual enrollment high school courses, you can work towards your high school diploma and gain credits for a postsecondary technical program at our technical colleges, all at once. Our colleges collaborate with Broward County public schools to allow you to start taking college courses as early as your junior year of high school. Plus, your tuition and books are free, resulting in major cost savings for you.

Dual Enrollment College Courses

The benefits don’t stop once you’re enrolled at our technical colleges. High school graduates that enroll and complete a Career and Technical Education (CTE) program can also earn credits in an aligned CTE program at Broward Technical Colleges.

There are a variety of career pathways and degrees that are available for you to pursue.

  • Industry, Manufacturing, Construction, and Transportation
  • Health Science
  • Education
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

The Benefits of Dual Enrollment

The time and money savings involved in dual enrollment is substantial. You can receive the greatest number of free Associate of Science degree transfer credits.

If you consider the fact that a Broward College credit hour is $117.90, you can see just how significant the savings can be. By enrolling in three free credit hours, you are saving over $500. And that’s just with one course!

Ready to fast-track your college degree and career goals? Reach out to our team today to easily apply for courses today.