Like everything else in life, information technology is changing fast. What used to take place on-site, requiring expensive servers and other physical infrastructure, is migrating to cloud computing and virtualization. That’s important for those looking for new opportunities.

What Are Cloud Computing and Virtualization?

It’s complicated, and a great explanation can be found on Red Hat. In short, they’re similar, and even complimentary in some respects, but not identical.

To summarize, very briefly, virtualization uses a single hardware interface to create a number of virtual environments, typically for a single tenant. Cloud computing distributes everything from hardware to software, enabling use by multiple tenants, as well as fast, sure scaling.

Career Outlook by the Numbers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites a $97,430 median annual wage for computing and IT-related occupations, which is more than twice the median annual wage for all occupations. There are a number of occupations that intersect with cloud computing and virtualization.

In just about every case, their median wages are above national averages. Some median annual salary examples:

  • Computer network architects, who design and build the backbone of cloud systems: $120,520
  • Information security analysts, who work to secure and defend cloud networks: $102,600
  • Computer programmers, who develop applications and assist with integrations: $93,000
  • Computer support specialists, who help to maintain networks and assist users: $57,910

Bear in mind that this is the median, meaning that starting salaries will be lower, but that your salary can also be much higher once you’ve got some experience under your belt.

Educational Requirements

If you’re looking at those numbers and asking yourself, “How can I get a piece of that?” the answer is education. Most of these professions require a bachelor’s degree to start. Even the exception on the list, computer support specialists, is likely to find a bachelor’s degree from an accredited technical college provides an edge in hiring.

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