When it comes time to start thinking about post-secondary education, cost is oftentimes a major factor. After all, college isn’t just a huge decision, it’s also a huge investment. However, there are lots of ways you can save by attending a trade schools like Broward Technical Colleges.

Less Time Involved

One way you save by attending a trade school is that they take less time to complete. Graduating from a traditional university typically takes at least four years, although it can take even longer.

You can get a certification from a trade school in a year, or less, in some cases. Naturally, this can result in serious savings for your degree.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

There are plenty of financial aid and scholarship opportunities to help you with the cost of a trade school. At Broward Technical Colleges, we offer financial aid options for students that aren’t able to afford school without assistance.

  • Federal Pell grant and federal supplemental education opportunity
  • Free application for federal student aid (FAFSA)
  • Vocational rehabilitation (VR)
  • Veterans’ benefits (VA)
  • Scholarships – available through agencies, service organizations, individuals, or through the school

Dual Enrollment and Articulated Credits

Another way you can save on your trade school degree is with dual enrollment. High school students can actually earn trade school credits while still enrolled in high school through our dual enrollment program. In the same manner, there are also courses that you can take at Broward Technical Colleges that can apply towards a degree at another Florida college.

Want to learn more about enrolling at Broward Technical Colleges? Have questions about your financing process? Reach out to our team – we’d love to chat with you today!