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Program Overview – Health Science

Health Science and Medical jobs are always in constant demand. Our wide variety of  Health Science courses at Broward Technical Colleges all have state-of-the-art technology and utilize hands-on training to provide you the best training and classroom experience for a...

Program – Automotive and Collision Repair

There’s nothing worse than having to pull over to the side of the road only to open the hood of your car and have no clue what the next step is. At Broward Technical Colleges, that problem only appears on paper. We’re here to get you into the automotive and collision...

Program – Business

Looking to excel in the Business field? Look no further than Broward Technical Colleges! We have training to teach you the essentials to succeeding in business. With programs like Legal Administrative Specialist, Accounting Operations, Marketing and medical...


Are you ready to move forward toward a better life and a better career? Move forward with Broward Technical Colleges in 2019!  This is the year you start on your path to a career in a year. Train for a new career with hands on technical training for thousands less...