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Dual Enrollment

If you want to earn credits toward high school graduation and a career and technical college program certificate then high school dual enrollment at Broward Technical Colleges is the ticket. Each of our three campuses offers career dual enrollment for high school...

International Student

If you are an international student looking to broaden your education and life, Broward Technical Colleges is a place you can call home. We have a culturally diverse student body that have chosen BTC as their home away from home. After meeting all of the international...

Job Placement

Now that Broward Technical Colleges has given you a great education and training, what about job placement? At Broward Technical Colleges, we’re here to help. It doesn’t matter if you are pursuing a health degree, automotive or any other area of focus, Broward...

Human Services

The Human Services Program at Broward Technical Colleges offer career training in four up close and personal careers including barbering, cosmetology, and facial specialty.   Our Barbering Program is a cut above with training in hair cutting with clippers,...

Career in a Year

Are you burnt out with your current job? Do you feel that you could be doing more to fulfill an inner calling? Then Broward Technical Colleges is the answer. The job market is constantly changing and the demand for highly skilled individuals is growing. Join in-demand...