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Program Overview: Health Sciences

There’s no greater field to go into than health sciences; helping others in any capacity is the greatest cause there is. Whether you’re looking to start your first career or make a career change, our Health Science courses at Broward Technical Colleges are up on their...

Preparing for the TABE at Broward Technical Schools

So, you’ve made your first step in starting your new career and enjoying your new life by signing up to take your TABE (Tests of Adult Basic Education). In order to point you in the direction of your strengths and skills, we’ll give you a guide on how to best prepare...

Program: Automotive and Collision Repair

Do you love being under the hood of a car, or do you want to learn how to pop out that dent after it looks someone hit your car with a grocery cart? We have the solutions for you!  We have a variety of automotive technology and collision repair programs to train you...

Information Technology at Broward Technical Colleges

Looking for a new career in Information Technology? Look no further than the Broward Technical Colleges. We offer 13 different programs for a variety of different Information Technology (IT programs) to fit your passions.  Weather you’re looking for a new career in...

International Student Information

No matter what place you might call home, the important thing is you’re here to a new journey on a path to a new career with the Broward Technical Colleges. We’re excited to have you start anew with us and we’ll help you meet your goals and achieve your dreams the...