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    Orthopedic Technology at Broward Technical Colleges

    Want to step into a new career path? Look no further than Atlantic Technical College’s Orthopedic Technology program. Students will learn new skills & techniques necessary to be employed working with orthopedic physicians and help treat patients. Some of your...

    Health Science Programs at Broward Technical Colleges

    Healthcare has always been an industry that constantly needs skilled, professional workers. Here at the Broward Technical Colleges, through our Health Sciences programs, we want to train you to set out on a path to a better future and career. Whether you’re looking to...

    About the Broward Technical Colleges

    Question: Where can you get a better quality education, at an affordable price that equips students for their dream career? Answer: One of the three schools that are a part of the Broward Technical Colleges. We have campuses that serve across Broward County. From...

    Cosmetology Program at Broward Technical Colleges

    Want to make up your mind on a new career? Look no further than Broward Technical College’s Cosmetology Program. We’ll teach you the secrets to success and how to grasp a vast understanding of the ins and outs of hair cutting, hairdressing, permanent waving, chemical...