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Massage Therapy Program

Want to be a massage therapist but don’t know where to get your hands on the right program to make it happen? Then you’ll be excited to know that the Broward Technical Colleges have a comprehensive and affordable program to get a grip on your dream career. This...

Dental Assisting Technology Program

Dentistry is an industry that is in constant need of skilled, educated professionals. Here at the Broward Technical College, our affordable Dental Assisting Technology courses will help prepare you for your dream career as the right-hand man or woman of a dentist. Our...

Printing and Graphic Communications Program

Most people wish that they could design a rewarding career. Well you can with our Arts and AV communication programs at Broward Technical Colleges. Explore and master the creative world of commercial photography as well as digital media, multimedia design, digital...

Electricity Program

Are you ready for a new career as an electrician? Then you need to plug into Broward Technical Colleges! Enroll today in our Electricity Program and you’ll learn basic electric principles, residential wiring, commercial wiring, blueprint reading, installation of...

About Broward Technical Colleges

One of your biggest goals is to better your life by starting or advancing your career. Now all you need is the right path to make it all come together. Good thing for you, Broward Technical Colleges is here to help you accomplish that goal. Just visit any one of our...